Situated in the heart of Mula (Murcia), beside the Juan Carlos I park, we can find one of the most well known bars inside and out of the Region of Murcia. His story begins in 1925 when its founders decided to settle in that place to offer coffee and liqueurs .
Back then it was called “Café Bar El Rápido”, and Pedro Blaya also sold home made ice creams, that became very famous in Mula and the surrounding towns.
As time went by, the bar began to offer more products in order to adapt itself to the necesities of it’s clients. It was then when the bar changed it’s name to “Bar Sol”, although everyone knew it as “Bar Salazar”.
Back then the coffee, toasted and grinded by the owners, was the star product. From then on, Salazar’s coffee is famous for it’s texture and flavour. In 1964 the bar was handed down to the youngest son of Pedro and Ginesa, Antonio Blaya Cifuentes, who, along with his wife, Mª del Carmen Cobarro García, gave the bar it’s wings, and soon Bar Salazar was not only known inside Murcia, but also outside. The selection of high quality tapas was expanded, and the fame of Salazar’s beer began. This fame was soon joined by that of the exquisite tuna “mojama” and the delicious seafood, and these specialities have lasted until our days.
No one should take the enormous investment that Antonio and Mª Carmen made for granted, for example, Bar Salazar had the first stainless-steel bar in the Murcia Region.
Antonio, 3rd generation, remembers his father pronouncing his famous words; “Drink beer, Señores!” and everyone began to do just that. Of course the beer had to followed by the famous cockles, tuna “mojama”, and the home made crisps. Everyone who passed through Mula had to stop by Salazar’s. Nowadays it’s a modern bar, although it has kept it’s good customs, it’s good service, but most importantly, the quality of it’s products. Bar Salazar has been considered the best bar in Mula, and one of the best in Murcia.
Antonio has confessed to us that it wasn’t easy keeping-up with the level of quality his father left behind, but by putting in enough effort and perseverance, it has been possible. He has continued to modernise the bar by expanding the offer in food, and thus adding even more specialities to those previously mentioned.
On a sunny day, the park and the centenarian buganvilla opposite the entrance add an unmatched charm to the mid-day beer, or the midsummer nights listening to music on the terrace.
Bar Salazar is of the utmost importance during the town’s festivals, where it is an obligatory place to go.
During Semana Santa or Easter, and the night of the drums, there are three important dates; On Holy Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, almost every drummer and tourist follows the tradition and comes to Bar Salazar year after year to taste the delicious, cold beer, along with the unique tapas all day long. The current record of barrels served in less then six hours is at 25.
It is a huge honor to be able to observe, day by day, how the loyal clients come back again and again from all over Spain, without forgetting about the clients from Mula itself.
The bar’s symbol is still, now more than ever, the exquisite and cold beer, the excellent “mojama”, the tasty cured anchovies, Salazar’s famous home made crisps, the grilled calamar, the fresh seafood, and of course, the delicious coffee.
Antonio tells us that this third generation already has plans to expand the bar in the near future, as well as other projects, of which, we will inform of on this website. This has been a short resumé of over 80 years of history of an emblematic business, although we hope that the best is still yet to come.