Every year, in the month of March, on the weekend that coincides with the fiesta of San José, it is celebrated in Mula and sponsored by Bar Salazar, the Barroco Market. Where the medieval traditions of the population are recreated. They meet artists and craftsmen dressed in the typical clothes of the time. Homemade dishes run through the stalls that merchants place in the streets around the Salazar Bar and in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, so that pedestrians, curious and hungry, satisfy their gastronomic curiosity and appetite, which soon arises from the walks that the visitors of the Flea market they make for the steep and cobbled streets of the town of Mula. And once more, once, strolled and rejoiced with the shows offered by these narrow and full of history, the walker gets a deserved rest tasting, on the comfortable terrace of the Salazar Bar, his freshly cooked tapas and his more than refreshing beer.