It is believed that this tradition of playing drums comes from the early nineteenth century. It is possible to be thought that by the time in which it is touched in tambor in this locality, Holy Week, it could be thought that it is a form of religious manifestation, because no, it is exactly the opposite the Muleños began to touch drums in protest by the restrictions and prohibitions imposed by the civil and Catholic authorities of the locality. Night of Holy Tuesday to Holy Wednesday, after drinking some canes in the Salazar Bar, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento thousands of people come together, dressed in black robes and big drums, people try to enter the square but it is impossible. It's almost twelve o'clock at night, the lights of the square turn off and a big exclamation is heard, suddenly, the drummers raise their hands and begin to hit their sticks in the air, they start to hear a heart beating, and it sounds the long awaited fanfare of trumpets, the music ends and thousands of drums begin to play at the same time, the ground begins to tremble ... and thus begins the Night of the Drums of Mula. The origin of the drum beat in Mula is difficult to specify, but it seems to take place during the first half of the 19th century, as a form of protest. It is not clear since the first written mention that we have towards the drum beat through the mule streets goes back to the municipal ordinances of 1859, where it is mentioned that only people authorized by the Brotherhood of Carmen can go down the street with drums. , and only in the procession. so we assume that at this time already in Holy Week of that year people came out to play drums in the streets. The drummers will not stop playing the drum all night, hour after hour will not stop hitting the skins of their drums with their big chopsticks, gives equal age, sex or their origin. we can see little children carried by their parents in a car seat, to very old people who play their old drums, of which once they were used with ropes to tense themselves. The drums do not understand age or sex, they surround you with their peculiar sound, from night until the next day the only thing heard throughout the town is the drum beat. It's a magical mixture, the night, the noise, the people dressed in black, and above all the typical scrambled anisette that is consumed for the body to endure, offered by the drummers' clubs. This will continue until dawn and until the body endures.